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Dec 2021 - Wen kann künstliche Intelligenz ersetzen?, ORF

Dec 2021 - Il lavoro del futuro? Perché logistica, semiconduttori e auto sono i settori chiave, Il Sole 24 Ore

Nov 2021 - How Technology Impacts Employee Well-Being, Forbes

Nov 2021 - Expanding the pool of innovators in Pakistan, The Express Tribune

Nov 2021 - Comment la technologie influe sur le bien-être des employés, Forbes France

Oct 2021 - Urban myths about economics have taken root — and the cost is high, Washington Post

Oct 2021 - Algorithmus vs. Anwalt, FOCUS

Oct 2021 - El juego del calamar, La Nacion

Sep 2021 - AI’s benefits are clustering in cities like Seattle. It’s tech inequality again, The Seattle Times

Sep 2021 - Empleo. Cuánto más avanzarán los robots sobre nuestros..., La Nacion

Jul 2021 - Neue Chance für den alten Kontinent, Der Spiegel

Jul 2021 - Surplus to Society, Quillette

Jul 2021 - Interview Of The Week: Carl Benedikt Frey, The Innovator

Jul 2021 - Wie soziale Innovationen unsere mobile Zukunft revolutionieren, WirtschaftsWoche

Jul 2021 - Der Siegeszug der Softwareroboter, Handelsblatt

Jul 2021 - Why Do Board Directors And CEOs Need To Value UN Sustainability Goal 8?, Forbes

Jun 2021 - Cities could be MORE important post-pandemic, not less, Bloomberg

Jun 2021 - Creativity or development? Hybrid work plans depend on aims, HR Magazine

Jun 2021 - Where we work still matters, says Oxford economist, Personnel Today

Jun 2021 - The future of automation: Robots are coming, but they won’t take your job, Digital Trends

May 2021 - La tecnología del futuro: entre la realidad y la utopía, The Conversation

May 2021 - Menos propaganda y más conspiración en la red, La Vanguardia

May 2021 - Get ready for the next era of work, Wired

May 2021 - Ciencia y tecnología, el bucle infinito, La Vanguardia

May 2021 - Covid-19 has given rise to new, smaller tech hubs, Tech Monitor

Apr 2021 - Will there be enough good jobs?, MIT Technology Review

Apr 2021 - Futuro del lavoro o futuro dei lavori?, Corriere della Sera

Apr 2021 - Can US fix joblessness in post-pandemic era?, Global Times

Apr 2021 - Covid-19 has exacerbated automation anxiety, Tech Monitor

Apr 2021 - Steak, Krokodil und Ballerinas: Was alles aus dem Automaten kommt, Der Standard

Apr 2021 - 技術革新を生む社会、恩恵もたらす政策カギ フレイ氏, Nikkei

Apr 2021 - Robots threaten jobs less than fearmongers claim, The Economist

Mar 2021 - Good Morning Europe, Euronews

Mar 2021 - Agents of Automation, Project Syndicate

Mar 2021 - Nie wieder ins Büro, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Mar 2021 - Schöne neue Arbeitswelt, Wiener Zeitung

Mar 2021 - On ideals and Innovation, MIT Sloan Management Review

Mar 2021 - Technologie ist die neue Währung, Wiener Zeitung

Mar 2021 - Privilegiados, esenciales y excluidos, El Mundo

Mar 2021 - ¿Qué libro recomienda leer Elisa Facio, presidenta de ANDA?, El País Uruguay

Feb 2021 - What progress means, MIT Technology Review

Feb 2021 - Automation will reshape Australia’s job market for decades to come, ZDNet

Feb 2021 - فتوحات تكنولوجية وإكراهات الزمن, Al Jazeera

Feb 2021 - Fortschritt wider Willen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Feb 2021 - The Best of This Week, MIT Sloan Management Review

Feb 2021 - Il lavoro nel 2030: la necessità del consumo ci salverà dai robot, la Repubblica

Feb 2021 - Wer hat Angst vor der KI?, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Feb 2021 - 75 % des restaurants amenés à disparaître, Le Monde

Feb 2021 - Jeff Bezos, el hombre que cambió el mercado, El País

Feb 2021 - Machines can do most of a psychologist’s job, The Conversation

Feb 2021 - El empleo del mañana surfea la ola robot, La Vanguardia

Jan 2021 - Il lavoro a distanza è un valore, non un benefit, Il Sole 24 Ore

Jan 2021 - Digital nomads are capitalising on the rise in remote work, Tech Monitor

Jan 2021 - China Wants to Be the World’s AI Superpower. Does It Have What It Takes?, Singularity Hub

Jan 2021 - How to tell, what to do if a robot can take your job, Bloomberg


Dec 2020 - The year in policy interviews: The best of Spotlight in 2020, New Statesman

Dec 2020 - China’s power is rising in an unstable world, Financial Times

Dec 2020 - Will Smart Machines Kill Jobs or Create Better Ones?, Washington Post

Dec 2020 - The future of work – and society – will be decided in 2021, Tech Monitor

Nov 2020 - Digital and the age of pandemic, Pictet Mega

Oct 2020 - Declining usefulness, The Australian Financial Review

Oct 2020 - The impact of AI on business and society, Financial Times

Oct 2020 - Automation, COVID, And The Future Of Work, Forbes

Oct 2020 - Management strategies must adapt to remote working, The Information Age

Oct 2020 - Will robots and AI take our jobs in covid-19’s socially distanced era?, New Scientist

Oct 2020 - The robot shop worker controlled by a faraway human, BBC News

Sep 2020 - How Covid-19 will accelerate automation, New Statesman

Sep 2020 - Why curiosity and collaboration are the critical skills of the future, Reuters

Sep 2020 - What It Might Mean If We All Work From Home?, Forbes

Sep 2020 - New Research Suggests The Future Of Work Is A Flexible One, Forbes

Sep 2020 - The geopolitics of artificial intelligence, New Statesman

Aug 2020 - Is China Beating the U.S. to AI Supremacy?, Belfer Center

Aug 2020 - Automação, heurística e design, MIT Sloan Management Review Brasil

Aug 2020 - The Technology Trap, The Chris Voss Show

Aug 2020 - Pandemic-fueled automation is gobbling up jobs, and we’ll never get them back, Digital Trends

Jul 2020 - Best of This Week, MIT Sloan Management Review

Jul 2020 - How the COVID-19 pandemic may accelerate job transformation, Globe and Mail

Jul 2020 - The world will not implode with the advent of AI, The Straits Times

Jul 2020 - Nuevas tecnologías. Un cambio con dimensiones desconocidas, La Nacion

Jul 2020 - Interview mit Carl Benedikt Frey, The European

Jul 2020 - Is America going to settle for slow economic growth?, AEIdeas

Jul 2020 - Are We Entering A New World Of Remote Work?, Forbes

Jul 2020 - ‘Death of the office’ exaggerated despite homeworking boom, Financial Times

Jul 2020 - Anti-social robots help to increase coronavirus social distancing, Financial Times

Jun 2020 - The Value of Leadership in an Uncertain Age, Foreign Affairs

Jun 2020 - Coronavirus, Idee per il dopo: Carl Benedikt Frey, Sabina Nawaz e Jeffrey Schnapp, Sky TG24

Jun 2020 - Out in the open - Democracies contain epidemics most effectively, The Economist

Jun 2020 - ¿Democracia o autoritarismo? La gestión de la pandemia, El Universal

Jun 2020 - Um Brasil desempregado, Exame

May 2020 - Covid-19 could hasten rise of the robots, The Daily Telegraph

May 2020 - Il virus si batte con la democrazia, Corriere della Sera

May 2020 - Europe’s New Authoritarianism? COVID-19’s challenge to democracy, Democracy Digest

May 2020 - The next wave of coronavirus disruption? Automation, The Guardian

May 2020 - If Paraguay, Costa Rica and Uruguay could subdue COVID-19, why couldn’t the U.S.?, Miami Herald

May 2020 - Will COVID-19 solve the UK productivity puzzle?, Raconteur

May 2020 - On préférera interagir avec les machines, Le Point

May 2020 - What History Tells Us About the Accelerating AI Revolution, The Wall Street Journal

May 2020 - Is universal basic income a done deal?, The Japan Times

May 2020 - Las democracias son más efectivas contra el coronavirus, El Pais

May 2020 - When machines think for us: consequences for work and place, Social Europe

May 2020 - Will Covid-19 bring basic income?, Bangkok Post

May 2020 - Paie : Les Entreprises Peuvent En Automatiser La Gestion, Forbes France

May 2020 - Game of drones? , NATO Review

Apr 2020 - Covid-19 will only increase automation anxiety, Financial Times

Apr 2020 - Economics, Disrupted, Project Syndicate

Apr 2020 - "Haben Wirtschaft überoptimiert": Oxford-Ökonom fordert gravierende Änderungen, Focus

Apr 2020 - The coronavirus has hurtled unprepared economies into the future of work, ORF

Apr 2020 - DLD Sync: Was Weltklasse-Denker über die Corona-Pandemie sagen, Focus

Apr 2020 - Coronavirus speeds the way for robots in the workplace, Axios

Apr 2020 - Tech earnings’ Covid-19 temperature-check, Financial Times

Apr 2020 - Big Tech is killing the techlash by doing its job, unlike government, AEIdeas

Feb 2020 - Can We Escape the Technology Trap?, MIT Sloan Management Review

Feb 2020 - Lessons of the First Automation Crisis, The American Interest

Feb 2020 - The War Against Artificial Intelligence And Mass Unemployment, Markets Insider

Feb 2020 - Oxford-Ökonom: „Widerstand gegen Technologien ist die Norm“, Die Presse

Feb 2020 - ‘We moeten mensen leren te veranderen', De Tjid

Jan 2020 - Why Managers Won't Be Replaced by AI: The Creativity Of Human Intelligence, Forbes

Jan 2020 - Odd Man . . . In?, National Review

Jan 2020 - Work in the Twenty-First Century, Project Syndicate

Jan 2020 - Das Märchen vom schnellen Fortschritt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Jan 2020 - How to futureproof your career in your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond, Daily Telegraph

Jan 2020 - La era del juez robot: ¿estamos preparados para que una máquina dicte sentencia?, El Mundo

Jan 2020 - America should neither fear nor envy the Chinese economic model, AEIdeas

Jan 2020 - La llegada de la Inteligencia Artificial no impactará en el aumento del desempleo, La República

Jan 2020 - Non è saggio aver paura delle nuove tecnologie, Internazionale


Dec 2019 - Pessimism v progress, The Economist

Dec 2019 - 10 Questions That Every Business Leader Must Answer, Forbes

Dec 2019 - In the economy Trump trusts, The Sunday Times

Dec 2019 - Is Political Division Reducing Labor Mobility?, Forbes

Dec 2019 - Riding out the techlash, Mega by Pictet Asset Management

Dec 2019 - L’économie compte-t-elle encore dans une élection?​, Le Nouvel Économiste

Dec 2019 - Indonesian jobs at risk from automation, New Straits Times

Dec 2019 - Cooperació i enfrontament, La Vanguardia

Nov 2019 - Does the economy affect elections any more?, The Economist

Nov 2019 - The Week in Tech: A.I.’s Threat to White-Collar Jobs, The New York Times

Nov 2019 - Will Smart Machines Kill Jobs or Create Better Ones?, Washington Post

Nov 2019 - Workers can learn to love artificial intelligence, Financial Times

Nov 2019 - Tech Election, Talking Politics

Nov 2019 - Weerstand tegen de machines, De Groene Amsterdammer

Nov 2019 - La trampa tecnológica, Estudios De Politica Exterior

Nov 2019 - The Robot Jobs Revolution Is Coming: What Does This Mean For The Elderly?, The National Interest

Nov 2019 - The Jobs Robots Can’t Do (At Least Not Yet), PBS

Nov 2019 - In the Age of AI, PBS Frontline

Nov 2019 - A long-read Q&A with Carl Benedikt Frey, American Enterprise Institute

Nov 2019 - Carl Benedikt Frey on the technology trap, Political Economy with James Pethokoukis

Nov 2019 - MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab: Robots will take over parts of your job, not all of it, TechRepublic

Oct 2019 - Automatización Carl Benedikt Frey, El Pais

Oct 2019 - Walmart wants robots in stores. Target doesn't, CNN Business Perspectives

Oct 2019 - Retina LTD Inteligencia artificial, El Pais

Oct 2019 - AI bias: How tech determines if you land job, get a loan or end up in jail, USA Today

Oct 2019 - Rückkehr zum Geist, Suddeutsche Zeitung

Oct 2019 - Where Are the Workers When We Talk About the Future of Work?, The American Prospect

Oct 2019 - Historikern: ”47 procent av jobben kan automatiseras”, Dagens Industri

Oct 2019 - "La automatización del trabajo será dolorosa, pero no hay alternativa", El Mundo

Oct 2019 - Automation is likely to eliminate nearly half our jobs in the next 25 years, Los Angeles Times

Oct 2019 - Carl Benedikt Frey on Sounds Robotic: A CGD Podcast, Center for Global Development

Oct 2019 - Job transformation in the era of intelligent machines, Global Times

Oct 2019 - Oxford-Forscher: So retten wir Digitalisierungsverlierer vor dem sozialen Absturz, FOCUS

Sep 2019 - Robots dominating job market is not inevitable: Oxford economist Carl Frey, The Hindu

Sep 2019 - Why CEOs should watch the classic movie The Man in the White Suit, strategy+business

Sep 2019 - STEM Is Overrated, The Atlantic

Sep 2019 - Do we need a robot tax?, Raconteur

Sep 2019 - Is the Age of Automation the New Industrial Revolution?, Keen On Democracy

Sep 2019 - Study AI’s effect on Maltese jobs, say Greens, Malta Today

Sep 2019 - The dark side of progress, The Hill

Sep 2019 - Le lien entre mutations de l’emploi et sens du vote est trop souvent ignoré, Le Monde

Aug 2019 - Brexit myths exposed by the march of AI, The Times

Aug 2019 - How Workers Can Level the Playing Field in Our Rigged Economy, Time Magazine

Aug 2019 - The jobs most at risk from robots - from models to tax collectors, Daily Telegraph

Aug 2019 - Die Macht der Roboter, Handelsblatt

Aug 2019 - I'm a writer who went to work at an Amazon warehouse, Business insider

Aug 2019 - What Happens When Your Skills Are No Longer In Demand?, Forbes

Aug 2019 - Schliessen sich Kapitalismus und Demokratie aus?, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Aug 2019 - Tech's next big challenge? Fixing all the problems with automation, Wired

Aug 2019 - Most people would rather lose their job to a robot than another human, New Scientist

Aug 2019 - The Puzzle of Economic Progress, Project Syndicate

Aug 2019 - Avoiding The Technology Trap In The Future Of Work, Forbes

Aug 2019 - Is 8 Hours Of Work Per Week Ideal For Our Health And Well-Being?, Forbes

Aug 2019 - Your Job Will Be Automated—Here’s How to Figure Out When A.I. Could Take Over, Fortune

Jul 2019 - Geht uns die Arbeit aus?, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Jul 2019 - A different dystopia: July 2030, The Economist

Jul 2019 - Amazon’s music-streaming surge, Financial Times

Jul 2019 - The Week in Tech: Some Workers Hate Robots. Retraining May Change That, The New York Times

Jul 2019 - Does tech threaten to rerun the worst of the Industrial Revolution?, Financial Times

Jul 2019 - 'The Technology Trap' as Companion to 'Robot-Proof’, Inside Higher Ed

Jul 2019 - Are Robots Coming for Our Jobs? Careful, It’s a Trick Question, Singularity Hub

Jul 2019 - The business books leaders should be reading in summer 2019, Management Today

Jul 2019 - Inside the hellish workday of an Amazon warehouse employee, New York Post

Jul 2019 - Is AI Going To Be A Jobs Killer? New Reports About The Future Of Work, Forbes

Jul 2019 - Tiendas inteligentes y con experiencias para atraer al consumidor, La Vanguardia

Jul 2019 - I Worked at an Amazon Fulfillment Center; They Treat Workers Like Robots, TIME

Jul 2019 - Quem terá emprego na era das máquinas? , Valor Econômico

Jul 2019 - Robots to replace 20 million manufacturing jobs globally by 2030 , Financial Post

Jul 2019 - Han vägrar tro på ett Terminator-scenario, Veckans Affärer

Jul 2019 - The backlash against tech: can the tech giants survive populism? , Information Age

Jul 2019 - «Quienes innovan siempre tienen un incentivo para exagerar los beneficios» , ABC

Jun 2019 - La trampa de la tecnología que genera mucha desigualdad y produce revolucionarios, El Confidencial

Jun 2019 - The robots are definitely coming and will make the world a more unequal place, The Guardian

Jun 2019 - Die Angst vor den Robotern, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Jun 2019 - Por que empresários como Bill Gates defendem a cobrança de impostos sobre robôs, BBC News Brasil

Jun 2019 - La transizione del lavoro va governata, Il Sole 24 Ore

Jun 2019 - Are Women At Risk Of Automation In The Workplace?, Forbes

Jun 2019 - Oxford-Ökonom Frey Über KI, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Jun 2019 - Is it time to tax robots?, BBC World Service

Jun 2019 - Populism is thriving as losers to the robot revolution demand radical change, Economic Times

Jun 2019 - Wie Andrew Yang US-Präsident werden will, Tagesspiegel

Jun 2019 - Economisch historicus Carl Frey, de Volkskrant

Jun 2019 - 3 life skills that are becoming obsolete, Big Think

May 2019 - Rash behaviour—behind the resurgence of measles, The Economist

May 2019 - Across the rich world, an extraordinary jobs boom is under way, The Economist

May 2019 - Will technology really destroy jobs? Amber Rudd reckons automation is driving the decline of banal, Information Age

Apr 2019 - “Ya han empezado las grandes migraciones de la era digital”, La Vanguardia

Apr 2019 - Will (Software) Robots Take Your Job? Track Trends Closely for Smart Career Management, Forbes

Apr 2019 - 4.0: Industry, workforce and humanity, The Manila Times

Apr 2019 - Rescatar al humanismo, El Universal

Apr 2019 - Den nye arbeidsdagen, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Apr 2019 - 4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Be More Strategic, Dynamic And Productive, Forbes

Mar 2019 - Drivers wanted, The Economist

Mar 2019 - Automation, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Mar 2019 - Bold business ideas: Where is tech taking us?, Financial Times

Mar 2019 - Automation perpetuates the red-blue divide, Brookings Institution

Mar 2019 - Andrés Oppenheimer: “El movimiento antirrobotización sustituirá al antiglobalización”, El País

Mar 2019 - Will technology really destroy jobs, or will it make working more fun?, Information Age

Mar 2019 - The Age Of Automation Is Here: How To Navigate The New World Of Work, Forbes

Mar 2019 - Robots will not take over most jobs, TechRepublic

Feb 2019 - Are Robots Competing for Your Job?, The New Yorker

Feb 2019 - Numérisation des emplois : « Il existe un lien fort avec le sentiment d’insécurité économique et les comportements politiques », Le Monde

Feb 2019 - Künstliche Intelligenz und Automatisierung: Wie sicher ist Ihr Job?, Handelsblatt

Feb 2019 - Research: Automation Affects High-Skill Workers More Often, but Low-Skill Workers More Deeply, Harvard Business Review

Jan 2019 - Automation is a bigger threat to inland California workers, study finds, Los Angeles Times

Jan 2019 - The Future Of Recruiting In The Age of Automation And Artificial Intelligence, Forbes

Jan 2019 - Paro, espionaje y populismo: el lado oscuro de la Cuarta Revolución Industrial, El Mundo

Jan 2019 - We need to talk about the meaning in our lives, The Irish Times

Jan 2019 - Rewriting the Future of Work, Project Syndicate

Jan 2019 - How AI is radically transforming healthcare, CNBC

Jan 2019 - Tyranny of the algorithm: how Uber replaced one exploitative boss with another, New Statesman

Jan 2019 - Diese menschlichen Skills sind in Zukunft gefragt, WirtschaftsWoche


Jan 2024 - Académico de Oxford abordó el futuro del trabajo con la IA, CNN Chile

Jan 2024 - Remote work used to hinder innovation — until suddenly it didn’t, The Hill

Jan 2024 - Will a robot take your job?, The Sun

Jan 2024 - AI is a ‘fundamentally labor replacing’ tool over the long term, Fortune


Dec 2023 - The AI boom could force you to enter the gig economy, Business Insider

Dec 2023 - "Wir werden Bürojobs sehen, die einfach verschwinden", Die Zeit

Dec 2023 - ChatGPT is already stealing work from freelancers, Business Insider

Dec 2023 - Bremst die räumliche Distanz in wissenschaftlichen Teams die Innovation?, Der Standard

Nov 2023 - Have long-distance studies stalled science?, The Times

Nov 2023 - ‘Disruptive’ science: in-person teams make more breakthroughs than remote groups, Nature

Nov 2023 - Remote working is ‘stifling the Eureka moment in science’, Daily Telegraph

Nov 2023 - Remote collaboration leads to less innovative science – study, Times Higher Education

Nov 2023 - AI should make the 4-day work week possible for millions of workers, Fortune

Nov 2023 - What will artificial intelligence mean for your pay?, The Economist

Nov 2023 - "Carl Benedikt Frey über KI, die uns Arbeit wegnimmt", Sueddeutsche

Nov 2023 - Storm Ciarán, Agatha Christie & AI, BBC

Nov 2023 - Cambio y temor, La Nacion

Nov 2023 - El gurú que predijo la extinción del 47% de los empleos, El Mundo

Nov 2023 - When will YOUR job be taken by a robot?, Daily Mail

Oct 2023 - Sky News With Kamali Melbourne, Sky News

Oct 2023 - Productivity Matters, But Not as a Political Football for Remote Work, Bloomberg

Oct 2023 - Tech was supposed to take everyone's job. We're still working. What happened?, Business Insider

Oct 2023 - Les outils d’intelligence artificielle peuvent..., Le Monde

Oct 2023 - Amazon launches humanoid robots to do ‘mundane and repetitive’ tasks, Daily Telegraph

Oct 2023 - Carl Frey: “Esta nueva generación de inteligencia artificial...”,

Sep 2023 - AI-Generated TV and Movie Productions Are Rapidly Coming, Forbes

Sep 2023 - Is AI Threatening Our Jobs?, Forbes

Sep 2023 - Your Boss’s Spyware Could Train AI to Replace You, Wired

Sep 2023 - Liebesbrief von Siri, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Sep 2023 - Generative AI is not yet an automation technology, Fortune

Sep 2023 - Home workers will be first to lose jobs to AI, Oxford study warns, Daily Telegraph

Sep 2023 - Top AI institute chair and ex-Amazon exec thinks AI will disrupt employment as we know it, Fortune

Aug 2023 - Die Vorzeichen der US-Wahl: "Die einzige Chance für Biden heißt Trump", Kleine Zeitung

Aug 2023 - Sloganeering and soundbites won’t solve Britain’s employment problem, Daily Telegraph

Aug 2023 - The end of work: which jobs will survive the AI revolution?, The Guardian

Aug 2023 - Would you trust this AI to sell you a second-hand car?, The Irish Times

Jul 2023 - ChatGPT creator Sam Altman says 'jobs are definitely going to go away', Business Insider

Jul 2023 - Bos ChatGPT Pastikan Manusia Bakal Nganggur, Ogah Pura-Pura, CNBC Indonesia

Jul 2023 - Could AI make this podcast?, Sky News

Jul 2023 - Older generations have an advantage in the AI boom, Business Insider

Jul 2023 - A Private Equity Summer Reading List, Wall Street Journal

Jul 2023 - AI could supercharge the Gen Z takeover, Business Insider

Jul 2023 - 50 Jobs, die sich durch Künstliche Intelligenz verändern, Handelsblatt

Jun 2023 - 5 ways AI could change your job, Business Insider

Jun 2023 - Neuer Aufguss, Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Jun 2023 - The A.I. Revolution Will Change Work. Nobody Agrees How, New York Times

Jun 2023 - Office workers everywhere are about to face their own Uber moment, Business Insider

Jun 2023 - The Myth of AI-Driven Unemployment, Project Syndicate

Jun 2023 - The IMF’s No. 2 official says experts were wrong to ignore lost jobs from automation, Fortune

May 2023 - The AI boom could go one of 2 ways, Business Insider

May 2023 - What neo-Luddites get right — and wrong — about Big Tech, Financial Times

May 2023 - Artificial intelligence holds huge promise – and peril. Let’s choose the right path, The Guardian

May 2023 - Your job is (probably) safe from artificial intelligence, The Economist

May 2023 - Workplace AI: How artificial intelligence will transform the workday, BBC

May 2023 - Intelligence artificielle : le big bang du travail, Le Point

May 2023 - Das Institut der großen Antworten, Frankfurter Allgemeine

May 2023 - Google’s Sundar Pichai thinks A.I. will spur ‘big societal labor market disruptions, Fortune

May 2023 - We’re rolling the dice with AI – and there are five possible outcomes, The Telegraph

May 2023 - AI a bigger threat than automation to millions of job-seekers , The Economic Times

Apr 2023 - Timnit Gebru’s anti-'AI pause’, Politico

Apr 2023 - Jobkiller KI? In diesen Berufen können Roboter die Lücke am Arbeitsmarkt füllen, Die Welt

Apr 2023 - ”Vi har ett val kring varje automatisering”, Svenska Dagbladet

Apr 2023 - ChatGPT is strengthening the case for a 4-day workweek, Business Insider

Apr 2023 - „Es wird noch viel Widerstand geben“, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Mar 2023 - AI could replace equivalent of 300 million jobs - report, BBC News

Mar 2023 - Bill Gates says that the A.I. revolution means everyone will have their own ‘white collar’ personal assistant, Fortune

Mar 2023 - Don’t fear an AI-induced jobs apocalypse just yet, The Economist

Mar 2023 - Den här tekniken har anammats på en vecka – överallt globalt, Dagens Industri

Mar 2023 - Artificial intelligence is not going to take all our jobs, The Hill

Feb 2023 - Why generative A.I. isn’t ready for ‘high stakes’, Fortune

Feb 2023 - Even if ChatGPT doesn't take your job, it could help another human replace you, Business Insider

Feb 2023 - Deutschland kehrt zurück ins Büro, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Feb 2023 - ChatGPT is the equivalent of Uber disrupting the taxi industry, Fortune

Feb 2023 - IBM chief says it might be ‘a good thing’ that robots will replace a ton of white collar jobs, Fortune

Feb 2023 - Bekommt der Computer Ihren Job?, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Jan 2023 - The Weekend Interview: Carl Benedikt Frey, New Statesman

Jan 2023 - How ChatGPT Will Destabilize White-Collar Work, The Atlantic


Dec 2022 - Community, Not Job Licensing, Is Generally What Prevents Labor Mobility, Forbes

Dec 2022 - Your Creativity Won’t Save Your Job From AI, The Atlantic

Dec 2022 - Is digital democratisation killing creative destruction?, Sunday Times

Nov 2022 - Neue Technik, neue Jobs, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Oct 2022 - In the Battle With Robots, Human Workers Are Winning, New York Times

Sep 2022 - Artificial Intelligence Needs Both Pragmatists and Blue-Sky Visionaries, Scientific American

Jul 2022 - How to Solve Remote Work’s Biggest Problem, The Atlantic

Jun 2022 - Digitalisiert endlich!, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Jun 2022 - Inside the bizarre logic of the trade unions’ leading cheerleader, Daily Telegraph

Jun 2022 - "El trabajo en remoto puede revitalizar las regiones pobres", Expansión

Jun 2022 - How And When Automation May Affect Long-Haul Trucking, Forbes

Jun 2022 - Can Remote Collaboration Help To Reverse The Decline In Research Productivity?, Forbes

May 2022 - Automation Isn't the Biggest Threat to US Factory Jobs, WIRED

May 2022 - The Skills Emergency Is Happening Now, Forbes

Apr 2022 - Bouchez geeft basisinkomen het debat dat het verdient, De Tijd

Mar 2022 - Autonome Lastwagen machen Langstreckenfahrer arbeitslos, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Mar 2022 - Datenschutz tut nicht allen weh, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Mar 2022 - Will the Green Deal be a job drain?, POLITICO

Mar 2022 - Post-Covid Cities Need To Be Smart Cities, Forbes

Mar 2022 - The sooner we end Europe's GDPR disaster the better, Daily Telegraph

Mar 2022 - GDPR cost businesses 8% of their profits, according to a new estimate, Tech Monitor

Mar 2022 - Avatar statt Kollege – wie werden wir arbeiten?, FOCUS

Feb 2022 - The world should welcome the rise of the robots, The Economist

Feb 2022 - Brave new world in which fewer people lead richer, lonelier lives, Nikkei Asia

Feb 2022 - Mensch gegen Maschine, Die Zeit

Feb 2022 - Los países autoritarios gestionaron peor la pandemia de Covid, ABC

Jan 2022 - Economists are revising their views on robots and jobs, The Economist

Jan 2022 - Greater automation is coming but it will not drive unemployment in Europe, Tech Monitor

Jan 2022 - Do smart supermarkets herald the end of shopping as we know it?, The Guardian

Jan 2022 - Los robots no destruyen empleo, La Vanguardia

Jan 2022 - How the West escaped the innovation-squashing ‘technology trap’, American Enterprise Institute


Dec 2018 - If Amazon Go technology goes big, grocery workers may get the sackThe Seattle Times

Dec 2018 - Uber heads for Supreme Court after losing appeal on worker rightsThe Telegraph

Dec 2018 - The Robots Have Descended on Trump Country, The New York Times

Dec 2018 - Smart, aber hartWiener Zeitung

Dec 2018 - The most important charts to watch in 2019Maclean's

Dec 2018 - Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be dumbfounded by populism’s victory, Cyprus Mail

Nov 2018 - Trump, world leaders at G-20 summit must tackle robots’ impact on our jobsMiami Herald

Nov 2018 - G20: Digital change and gig economy rewire the world of workFinancial Times

Nov 2018 - Artificial Intelligence: The Good, The Bad And The DisastrousNasdaq

Nov 2018 - Neue RoboterkollegenWiener Zeitung

Nov 2018 - Competitiveness and the 4th Industrial RevolutionThe Philippine Star

Nov 2018 - How Technological Innovation Could Amplify Income Inequality, PBS NewsHour

Nov 2018 - Don’t Expect Robots to Take Everyone’s JobBloomberg

Nov 2018 - [Noah Smith] Don’t expect robots to take away everyone’s jobKorea Herald

Nov 2018 - Heilig‘s BlechleDie Welt

Nov 2018 - Die Zukunft der ArbeitFrankfurter Allgemeine

Nov 2018 - The social costs of ride-hailing may be larger than previously thought, The Economist

Oct 2018 - Uber challenges ruling on drivers' rights at court of appealThe Guardian

Oct 2018 - Uber appeals against drivers' rights to pay and holidayBBC

Oct 2018 - Uber heads to court to appeal UK workers' rights rulingCNBC

Oct 2018 - Hundreds protest at Uber’s appeal against drivers’ right to minimum pay and holidayMetro

Oct 2018 - Uber argues it is like 'any minicab firm'Daily Mail

Oct 2018 - Worries about the rise of the gig economy are mostly overblownThe Economist

Oct 2018 - Harker on automation: there's time to prepare, but start preparingFinancial Times

Oct 2018 - The yin of Andrew YangThe Spectator USA

Oct 2018 - Real Time Economics: Can U.S. Workers Get More Productive?, The Wall Street Journal

Oct 2018 - Report reveals Uber drivers make £11 per hour, £4 less than company's claim before driver costsThe Telegraph

Oct 2018 - Uber anxious: App’s drivers are stressedThe Times

Oct 2018 - With Appeal Looming, Uber Wheels in Academics and Happy DriversBloomberg

Oct 2018 - EU Migrants: Low-Skilled, Replaced By Automation And In Need Of New JobsForbes

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